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Restoring your vehicle? Goodmark frame rails are pre-bent to fit your specific vehicle application. They are manufactured from high-quality steel and feature a natural finish so that you can weld or modify them without grinding down to the bare surface. Available for most passenger cars and trucks, Goodmark replacement frame rails will make a perfect addition to any vehicle.

Frame Fortification

I have a Customer Service question order, shipping, returns, etc. I would like to ask other customers a question about this Product. Thank you for your question. You will need to drill the hole for the body biushing.

Summit Racing Answer - October 08, Answer This Question. We offer UMI Performance for this vehicle application. Summit Racing Answer - September 11, Goodmark Answer - July 26, So you think you have what it takes to build your own custom frame? You've got a welder, some handtools, a couple of metal-cutting devices, and tons motivation. This is not a task that a novice welder should take on, but rather someone with intermediate to expert fabrication skills.

Nor would I suggest that you try this by yourself because it is a very large project. I started off already having my Fatman front suspension and rear CPP trailing arms already adapted to the stock chassis.

So some of the hard parts were already completed. Now the only question was what to do on the center of the chassis? A simple transmission crossmember was not going to handle all the abuse and I have now gone to the point of no return thinking about purchasing a chassis.

So let's talk about structure and crossbracing. You can add metal all day long to your frame, but if it's not going to strengthen the chassis you are doing just that adding metal. And when adding metal you are adding weight that slows the truck's overall performance down. Performance like -mile times, stopping, handling, and fuel mileage can be highly reduced from adding too much weight. But all the above, except fuel mileage, can easily be improved by adding the right structure to the stock frame.

Every stock truck frame is a basic rectangle with crossmembers running crosswise to help hold weight and support the frame from twisting and or flexing beyond repair.

Now think about a bicycle frame, see any squares? Nope, me either. Now look at a metal bridge or anything that is engineered to hold weight lengthwise. Did you notice that the bike frame, bridge, or other structure all had small triangles within the main structure? Triangles, unlike squares or rectangles, are able to withstand more force because in order to deform a triangle you need to compress or stretch its sides and that is not easy to do. So in a nutshell, by adding triangles to your stock rectangle-shaped frame you are adding strength or the ability to support the extras.

Now I'm not saying you will have to go to the lengths that I am to get a great all-around performing pickup. In fact Total Cost Involved, Roadster Shop, Morrison Enterprises, and Fatman Fabrications have all proven that it is about where you place the crossmembers, bracing, and suspension that makes the vehicle perform.

The only major difference in attempting to build your stock frame is that you have a ton of work ahead of you if you attempt to do it yourself. Another thing to think about is if your frame is in great condition?

All the others listed above are using brand-new steel and computer-generated CAD or Solid Works drawings that not only help strengthen the weakened areas, but can also save weight where I thought I may have needed to add it.

I would also say that in no way could I ever compete against the craftsmanship of an established frame manufacturer. They simply can make a better finished product. You may already have a welder that takes a huge chunk out of the budget, but what about the other tools like cutters, grinders, and consumables?

c1500 frame boxing

Sanding discs, MIG wire, TIG rod, gas, electricity, metal, labor, and friends' labor beer and that's if you're not paying for any other form of labor.Home :: Drivetrain :: Frame boxing kit.

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Frame boxing kit

We all love our old school full size Chevy's. Unfortunately one of the weaknesses stems all the way back to the frame itself. With the increased weight of heavy axles, larger tires and all that we do to make them flex in the rocks, it takes its toll on the frame. The frame was designed to flex but definitely has its limitations. If you're getting into a full on build, you might want to consider boxing the frame in and stopping the cracks before they ever take place.

It's a big project so consider your options carefully. Currently we have three kits available.

DIY Frame Mods - Tech Center

One of these kits will bring you very close to where you need to be. We'll add more as we can develop them. These are a call to order only.

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Spare tire mounting plate. Shackle Flip n Switch 1 ton. Flat Mount Tab Pairs. XD Tube Doors. Exhaust Flange.Every customer is different. There is no formula, no equation that will work with all of you. It takes a different approach to everyone to determine how best to serve anyone.

Some people need videos, some people need descriptions. Some people need us to weld it together. Our approach has been, and will always be, to serve each of you where you are and to treat you the same way we would like to be treated. We officially opened the doors to Welder Series in Thanks very much for your business and support over the years. Very rarely do you find the level of dedication to a customer, communication, and a rewarding experience for both the buyer and supplier.

I bought a pedal assembly a bit ago, and that experience automatically ensured that I will source Welder Series before I search for another vendor. Paul and DW have it together and will make a solution to your problem… and probably at the best price around to boot.

Welder Series is a three person family business focused on serving our customers with consistently high quality parts, exceptional service and support, and reasonable prices. Paul Horton's Welder Series.

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Finishing up the Rear Frame

Get directions. Business hours. Shop Now. Refine by. Sort by. Boxing Plates; Ford. Boxing Plate for 2" x 3" Tube. Triangulated four link upper boxing plate; Dodge D Front frame boxing plate, Dodge D Thanks for your business. We're located about an hour west of Toronto, in southern Ontario.The Jalopy Journal.

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c1500 frame boxing

Decided to completely go through it and replace bushings, drop spindles, etc. Question I have is do I need to box the frame for this IFS and does anyone have the same setup with some pics or a set of original instructions.

Thanks Eddie C. Anything guys? Bump Posted using the Full Custom H. Posted using the Full Custom H.

c1500 frame boxing

Depending on how it mounts to the frame rails, I'd at least box the front rails. If your pulling the body,and want too, box the whole frame. It's only going to make it stronger. I think I might box the front of the frame if your installing independent suspension,the frame on the truck is pretty heavy material so I wouldn't think boxing the entire frame would be necessary. If you're going to strip the frame box the whole thing. I wish I had done it on my 56 f When I was building mine I was told the frame needed to flex.

Now older and wiser, I say box it. Does Fatman, Morrison, and all other frame manufacturers sell open channel frames? A bare frame is easy to box, especially an early truck frame. Thanks guys.The completely reworked sheet metal body of these trucks shared the clean, boxy lines of their predecessors while appearing slightly more refined and modern. As in previous editions, the front-engine, rear- or four-wheel-drive trucks were available in a variety of configurations. The short version has a 6.

An extended cab with a wheelbase of Straight-sided trucks are known as Fleetsides in Chevy parlance, those with flared rear fenders are known as Sportsides. GMC trucks with flared rear fenders are known as Widesides. Both the and the have an 8-foot box, either with a regular cab or an extended cab.

The heavy-duty K extended-cab truck has an extra long box of 9. The short wheelbase C is The long wheelbase adds The K measures the same but rides a little higher at The C has a height of 73 inches, while the K's height is Length and width figures for the and regular cabs are similar to the series at The extended cab with standard box measures The K extended cab with long box measures Front track for the C is Two-wheel-drive trucks have a The four-wheel-drive K and K share a Rear track is Turning circle varies between All trucks have an independent front suspension with a live axle in the rear.

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c1500 frame boxing

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Frame Boxing Plates

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